Dress Code

  1. Dress attire on the Course and in the Clubhouse should be smart, clean and neat and in keeping with the high standard which the Club seeks to set.
  2. Denim clothing, including blue denim jeans, will be allowed in the Clubhouse but not on the course. Any clothes worn, including denim of any colour must be smart i.e. not soiled as in work jeans; not torn or frayed; or with appendages such as chains attached.
  3. Shorts may be worn by Gentlemen and ladies but must always be tailored. Sports shorts are not allowed by anyone: In the case of gentlemen, shorts must always be accompanied by socks; Ladies may choose not to wear socks in the Clubhouse.
  4. The following items of dress are not acceptable In the Clubhouse or on the Course Football, rugby or other team sport shirts; Garments with slogans or large motifs, Sleeveless Shirts worn by gents (permissible if worn by ladies) V-neck sweaters with no shirts, sun tops, Beachwear, In the Clubhouse Footwear worn on the course, or Caps.
  5. This dress code will not apply on designated evenings when Council will define the appropriate form of dress. These are currently as follows, though Council reserves the right to vary these with prior notice being afforded to members: –
New Year’s EveFormal Dress
Men’s DinnerFormal Dress
Open Week Prize NightJacket and Tie after 8.00pm
President’s DayJacket and Tie after 8.00pm
Captain’s DayJacket and Tie after 8.00pm
Annual Prize NightJacket and Tie after 8.00pm

Some tolerance in applying this dress code will be accorded to young people under the age of 12.

Please respect the position of our staff, who are required to ensure that members and visitors comply with this code.

Approved by Council.